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We've created next generation seafood. First: Ordinary Tuna & Salmon, next...join the wave to be the first to know.
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The food system is out of balance. Mass production and excessive waste of animal based products puts unhealthy pressure on ourselves, animals and the planet. 92% of the worlds CO2 is stored in marine vegetation while the surface area the size of Germany is being destroyed by fishing trawlers every 6 days.

Farmed shrimp have the 4th largest CO2 footprint within the food category. Its value chain involves unethical practices such as modern day slavery and the destruction of mangrove forests. Mangrove forests are similar to the rainforest in that they store high amounts of CO2 and provide habitat to hundreds of endangered species.

To fix this and multiple other problems related to industrial fishing, we have set out to disrupt the global seafood industry and become the world's leading alternative seafood company by 2030.

taste & texture

Our customers, chefs & early adopters are natural ambassadors. Even a die hard fishmonger on Helgoland has chosen us. More products in development.

science backed

We pride ourselves in having created the next generation of seafood rich in macro and micronutrients. Our 3 molecular/food technologists iterate rigorously to hit all sensory aspects.

brave & bold

Our ambition to be the leading alt-seafood brand by 2030 is well underway. You can be a part of the wave of impact makers and industry disruptors now.

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Ordinary Seafood was founded in 2022 by Dr. Anton Pluschke. Originally from Queensland, Australia, Anton saw the issues of climate change & industrial fishing first hand. He moved to Berlin to solve one of the world's largest problems: the way we hunt our seafood & farm our fish. He is committed to creating top of the line, high protein plant based seafood to reduce pressure on the marine ecosystem.

Dr. Anton Pluschke

Founder & CEO

Dr. Fabian Machens

Head of R&D

Tim Meier

Snr. Food technologist


We are happy to share with you our first products: salmon and tuna shreds.

Contact us right away to get a sample.

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Our products are available in frozen format to restaurants, hotels, catering etc. Click below to contact our sales team, get more information, to book a meeting and get samples.

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Can't wait to try our delicious products? We are partnering with restaurants & cafés we are sure you'll love. See below to find a location near you. We partner with chefs all the way from the fish capital of Helgoland to the heart of vegan Berlin.

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Our passionate team of 6 impact makers with expertise ranging from science to sales all have one thing in common: we love food, our oceans and having fun while making a difference though our plates.
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Novelty For Them GmbH emerged from the "Mana Biosciences" project at the University of Potsdam, which was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program (FKZN FKZ 03EGSBB216).